Get Involved

It takes a large number of people to put on a play here at Chads, and there are many roles listed below.
Would you like to become a member and get involved? We'd love you to join us.


  • Auditioning for parts in plays
  • Learning lines
  • Attending rehearsals and practising moves
  • Performing on stage in plays


  • Set painting
  • Set decorating
  • Set furnishing


  • Discussing financial matters raised by members
  • Agreeing financial decisions


  • Organising old ephemera such as programmes, posters and photos.
  • Ensuring photos are taken down and stored safely
  • Scanning and collecting old ephemera


  • Serving cold drinks and snacks to audiences and members during performances and at other times
  • Keeping the bar area clean and tidy
  • Ensuring stock levels are adequate

Box office

  • Setting up events on Ticketsource
  • Dealing with enquiries from audience members
  • Selling tickets during performances
  • Assisting audience members with tickets


  • Developing a vision for a play
  • Organising rehearsals
  • Guiding and feeding back to actors
  • Liaising with other areas of the theatre to produce a successful play


  • Discussing matters raised by members
  • Making decisions about the theatre’s future
  • Approving committee members
  • Appointing theatre officers
  • Approving play choices


  • Setting up lights
  • Repositioning and replacing lights
  • Purchasing new lights
  • Programming the lighting desk
  • Operating the lighting desk during shows


  • Posting on social media
  • Maintaining the website
  • Creating posters and programmes
  • Distributing posters
  • Putting up posters and photos in the theatre

Social events

  • Organising social events
  • Attending social events such as the Christmas draw, end-of-run buffets, end-of-season barbecue, games evenings, quiz nights

Teas and coffees

  • Preparing hot drinks during shows
  • Serving audience members during the interval
  • Clearing and cleaning up once the show has started again


  • Painting
  • Mending
  • Cleaning
  • Gardening
  • Tidying
  • Organising
  • Sorting

Plays selection and casting

  • Reading plays
  • Choosing plays for each season
  • Organising licences
  • Organising auditions
  • Choosing cast and prompt for each play
  • Choosing the director for each play


  • Attending rehearsals
  • Supporting the director and cast with lines and moves
  • Reading in for absent actors in rehearsals
  • Reminding actors of lines during performances if needed


  • Sourcing props required in plays
  • Preparing props as required
  • Resetting props before, during and after performances as required
  • Returning props after the run has ended
  • Keeping props organised

Set design

  • Reading the script to consider how the play will be staged
  • Designing how the set will be laid out, including walls, doors and other features
  • Designing how the stage will cater for any special effects


  • Sourcing sound effects and music
  • Ensuring sounds and music are appropriately licenced
  • Recording and inputting sound into the sound system
  • Ensuring sounds cue at the correct points in the play

Set construction

  • Using the set design to create the stage for a play
  • Installing features of buildings such as walls, doors and windows
  • Building staircases and steps
  • Installing outdoor fences and gates
  • Building landscapes such as hills and forests

Stage management

  • Setting up the stage and backstage areas
  • Ensuring all cast are ready during performances
  • Changing sets around during scene changes as needed
  • Liaising with the front of house team
  • Giving the go-ahead for the play to begin at the start and after the interval

Front of house

  • Preparing the theatre for audiences
  • Greeting audience members and giving out programmes
  • Dealing with queries from audiences
  • Managing the auditorium during performances, and front of house areas before, during and after the show
  • Liaising with the backstage crew
  • Bidding audience members farewell as they leave
  • Ensuring the theatre is left tidy and secure


  • Choosing and sourcing costumes for cast members
  • Measuring costumes and adjusting as needed
  • Assisting cast during performances with costumes, including any quick changes
  • Washing and ironing costumes as needed
  • Returning costumes to the wardrobe
  • Serving customers as part of costume hire