Audition Times

Chads is pleased to announce Open Auditions for the five plays that will run from January to July 2022.
These auditions are open to non-members as well as members.

The dates and times are as follows:

Monday 13th September at 7.30pm
Living Together by Alan Ayckbourn
The Weir by Conor McPherson
Separate Tables by Terence Rattigan (3 parts only as most roles were previously cast)

Tuesday 14th September at 7.30pm
The Real Thing by Tom Stoppard
Hay Fever by Noel Coward

Sunday 19th September at 10.30am
All plays will be covered for anyone who cannot make the first two auditions

Please come along and enter via the front door of the theatre into the foyer.
  We ask that you please wear a facemask in the theatre but these can be removed during the audition.

Scripts will be available half an hour before the auditions commence so you may wish to arrive early.


Living Together by Alan Ayckbourn 22-29 January 2022

More specific details will appear here so please keep checking

The Real Thing by Tom Stoppard 5-12 March 2022

Tom Stoppard wrote the play in 1982, so we will be playing it in that period. The central character is Henry, a successful playwright whose new play, called House of Cards, we see being performed in the first scene by actors Max and Charlotte, who is Henry’s real wife. But Henry has fallen in love with Max’s younger wife, Annie, herself an actress. Charlotte leaves him and Henry and Annie begin to live together, but his jealousy is aroused when she starts rehearsing a Jacobean tragedy with Billy, a younger actor. Annie has also adopted the cause of a young Scottish soldier, Brodie, who she thinks has been unfairly punished for making a political protest. Brodie has written a raw autobiographical play about his experiences and Annie wants Henry to use his professional skills to make it performable as a TV drama. We also meet Debbie, Henry and Charlotte’s rebellious teenage daughter, who wants to go off with a travelling fairground musician.

The play is a brilliant mixture of witty exchanges, clever theatrical tricks and powerful human drama, definitely one of Stoppard’s greatest.

Characters and audition pieces:

Henry (40s) p52 (from “You’re not going to do this, are you?”) to p57 (to “human panacea”)

Annie (late 20s- 30s) p52 (from “Why not?”) to p55 (to “Don’t you bloody dare”)

Charlotte (30s-40s) p15 (from “Hard luck, Max”) to p17 (bottom)

Max (30s-40s) p2 (top) to p5 (bottom)

Billy (20s) p60 (top) to p63 (bottom)

Debbie (late teens) p68 (top) to p70 (to “free of – propaganda”)

Brodie (20s) p91 (from “Annie looked nice”) to p93 (to “you’re that different either”)

The Weir by Conor McPherson Chads Studio 25-30 April 2022

Director: Mike Rogerson

Two regulars, both confirmed batchelors, meet up most nights in a bar in rural Ireland. This night they are joined by the local “king of business” and a newcomer, a Dublin girl just moving in to the area. As the warmth and the whisky loosens their tongues the “lads” launch into strange and ghostly stories to impress their guest, but maybe her story will cap all theirs! It will be a wild and windy night in the Studio.

Characters and Audition pieces:

Jack (50’s) the owner of the local garage which has seen far better days. His tale starts on page 20

Brendan ( 40’s) The bar owner. Read from page 49

Jim (40’s) Part time mechanic and odd job man. A student of racing form. His story starts on page 31

Finbar (40’s) Self styled “Successful business man” Married but with a wandering eye. His story starts on page 24

Valerie (30’s) The mystery arrival. She has left Dublin (and her husband) for a reason. Well educated and articulate she can more than hold her own in the bar. Her tale begins on page 37

Hay Fever by Noel Coward 14-21 May 2022

Judith Bliss (f – Mid 40’s – 60)
A recently retired actress contemplating a swift return to the stage. Matriarch of the Bliss family. Basically looking for someone to tell her she is still beautiful and desirable.

David Bliss (m – Mid 40’s -60)
Judith’s husband. He is a novelist on the look out for his next muse, self absorbed and like his wife seems to be caught in a mid life crisis.

Sorel Bliss (f – 18 – 29)
Judith & David’s daughter and as such has been brought up in money with the finer things in life, although she likes to see herself a little different to the rest of the family. Her relationship with her brother Simon switches from bohemian conversation one minute, to fighting the next. She is a very spirited character

Simon Bliss (m – 18 – 29)
Judith & David’s son, a budding artist, loves to provoke and wind up his sister Sorel.

Myra Arundel (f – Mid 30’s)
Simon’s weekend guest, although she really has no interest in him. She is very experienced and sees the family for what they are. Fashionable and sophisticated.

Richard Greatham (m – Mid 30’s)
A diplomat and Sorel’s guest. A likeable man quite prim and proper.

Jackie Coryton (f – Mid 20’s)
David’s guest, a “flapper”. Good hearted but quite shy. She is definitely out of her depth with the family.

Sandy Tyrell (m – Mid 20’s)
Judith’s guest. A young fit and athletic man. He is infatuated with Judith.

Clara (f – 30 – 60)
The housekeeper, a down to earth woman, possibly with a northern accent.


Sorel & Simon – Pages 1 – 4 (bottom of page)

Judith & Sandy – Pages 20 (Are you Alone?) – 24 (bottom of page)

Richard & Jackie – Pages 31 (A strange young man) – 34 (bottom of page)

David & Myra – Pages 61 (top of page) – 66 (You will)

Clara – Pages 5, Page 80 (What’s the matter) – 82 (Well thank ‘eaven…)

Separate Tables by Terence Rattigan 2-9 July 2022

Director: Hamish Lawson

NOTE – this play was due to be performed in late May 2020 with rehearsals commencing in early April of that year. Due to the pandemic, the production had to be ‘mothballed’. Of the original 11 cast, 3 have had to withdraw for a variety of reasons and so we will only be auditioning their 3 roles – see below.

Separate Tables is actually 2 inter-linked one act plays – Table No.1 (Table by the Window) and Table No.2 (Table Number Seven) – sharing the same setting and many of the same characters but separated by some 18 months.

Setting – The Beauregard Private Hotel, Bournemouth (a slightly shabby but genteel establishment accommodating both regular guests and “transients”).

Period – early 1950s.


N.B. These characters appear in both Table No. 1 and Table No. 2

Lady Matheson – late 50s/early 60s – an impoverished, but cultured widow of a former Civil Servant; diffident, tentative – takes her lead from Mrs Railton-Bell

Charles Stratton – 20s – a medical student and boyfriend (later husband) of Jean Tanner. In Table No. 2, he struggles with fatherhood and Jean’s apparent changes in attitude. Open-minded and rational, he is the only resident to stand up to Mrs Railton-Bell in her campaign against Major Pollock.

Mr. Fowler – 70s – ex-public schoolmaster – quiet and mild-mannered who largely keeps himself to himself. Throughout, he expects visits from former pupils who, as it happens, never arrive.


Lady Matheson – p.88 (“Luck, dear? Is it luck?”) to p.89 (“Of course that means we’ll have to tell them all, doesn’t it?”)

Charles Stratton – p.95 (Mrs R-B “You disagree, Mr Stratton?”) to p.97 (Mrs R-B “Quiet, please.”)

Mr Fowler – p.77 (“I’ve had a charming letter, Miss Cooper…”) to p.78 (“He once elided a whole word in his Greek Iambics.”) + speech on p.97 (starting “Well, it’s difficult.”)

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