Terry Anderson 1936 - 2019

It is with deep regret that Chads Theatre announce the death of our friend and member Terry Anderson who had been a member for  years.

Terry was born on the 2nd of July 1936 to Alec and Nora. He was their second child following his older brother Howard.

He attended Cheadle Hulme School from 1947 to 1952. He was a popular pupil and keen on sport, playing lacrosse and rugby. He was also keen on football and developed a lifelong attachment to Manchester United

On leaving school he went to work at Martins bank in Manchester and he stayed in banking for the rest of his working life. When he was 18 he was called up for National Service and joined the RAF. After basic training, he was stationed at RAF Whitby in North Yorkshire employed in the radar/lookout station keeping a watch for enemy aircraft. In his two years of service he never saw an enemy aircraft (or even flew in a plane). He did however become very good at playing cards!

After National Service he resumed his career at Martins Bank (which was taken over by Barclays in 1969) and remained in banking for the rest of his working life, moving around to different branches in the Manchester area, and was eventually promoted to manager.

In around 1958 Terry met Jackie who had moved to Cheadle Hulme with her parents. Terry was smitten but Jackie was initially rather cool towards him. Being a talented actress Jackie joined CHADS, which led Terry in hot pursuit to join and he became involved in backstage activities. Terry and Jackie began going out and were married on May 13th 1961(it was a rule of the bank that employees could not marry until they were 25!) They had three sons- Mark was born in 1962, Simon in 1966 and Richard in 1968

When Jackie became unwell in 1992 he took early retirement to look after her, she passed away in 1995.

From the early 1970’s he served on the CHADS Executive Committee and for many years was treasurer he was also a member of the Bar Committee. In spite of all this he found time to serve as President for the 1975/76 season. He also found time to work backstage for East Cheshire Operatic Society at their annual productions at the Rex in Wilmslow.

Later Terry joined a number of CHADS members who had formed a walking group. He particularly enjoyed the company of Maisie Spencer during these walks. Eventually he invited her to go with him to see a play at the Royal Exchange, unfortunately this was on the day that the IRA bomb went off in Manchester so the play was cancelled! In spite of this their relationship developed and eventually Maisie moved in with Terry and he spent the rest of his life with her.

Most of the current membership will remember Terry for being an ever present set builder with occasional forays into set design (particularly when Derek Slater was director). Until he “retired” aged 80 he stage managed many productions

He also appeared occasionally on stage in non-speaking roles his swansong was in “Vivat Vivat Regina” in 1988

He was certainly involved in over 300 productions during his sixty year membership

He was also an active member of Stage and Finance Committees where his many years of experience were of great benefit.

He was one of life’s optimists and always tried to look on the bright side whatever the situation. When he was first diagnosed with cancer, his natural optimism shone through and he was thinking ahead to what he would be able do after his first series of chemotherapy sessions. Even after reality dawned and he realised he had little time left, he was remarkably upbeat. He said to his son Richard a few days before he died “always look for the positives I’m not in pain that’s a positive!”

We will miss him

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