Your Theatre Lottery has teamed up with partners at the National Youth and Community Development Association to participate in the NYCDA Weekly Draw.

By becoming a member of the Your Theatre Lottery Weekly Draw you will not only be helping your local theatre financially, but you will also be giving yourself a chance of winning some of the fantastic prizes the draw gives away.  Chads Theatre Company gets 50% of each pound you spend on Your Theatre Lottery.  So it might still be a gamble but Chads Theatre Company wins every time. It costs as little as £1 per week to become a member, or £2 per week if you wish to double your chances. For this you’ll receive 7 lucky numbers in the draw, or 14 for £2 per week.
Drawn every Wednesday for as little as £1 per week. This is a great way for fans of theatre to help local theatres survive and thrive while you will have the chance to win cash prizes each week.
You can support Chads Theatre Company on Your Theatre Lottery here:  Select Chads Theatre Company as the theatre you want to support in the drop down list of the Direct Debit mandate.
With the Covid-19 pandemic forcing the closure of theatres our income has dried up.  Now more than ever local theatres need your help to survive and be there when restrictions are lifted.  So they can once again provide the valuable support to the communities they serve. 
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As of Wednesday 4th November 2020 the NYCDA Weekly Draw prize fund is £1850.
This is broken down into the following – 
£500 Rollover
2 x £50 
2 x £25 
10 x £10.
The well-being of all involved is critically important, as is our desire to ensure we can continue to raise funds for all our beneficiaries at this difficult time. The prize fund will be reviewed once government guidelines allow us, our affiliates and beneficiaries to operate as normal once more.

Thank you for support and understanding at this difficult time. 

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