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Chads Theatre Company is one of the best amateur companies around and relies on its membership to run all aspects of the Theatre, not just acting! Members also enjoy the facilities of the Theatre and its social events. Read on to find out about becoming a member of our theatre and how you can get involved.

How you can get involved


Auditions for plays are normally held around April for the following season to start in September. Rehearsals are held for around 6-8 weeks before the performance, usually for three evenings per week, and on Sunday afternoons closer to performance time. There are also opportunities to participate in events such as the Greater Manchester Drama Federation festival.


Every play you watch at Chads needs a team of people backstage to make it a success. The stage manager (and assistant) ensures the smooth running of the play, and tasks include ensuring all cast and crew are in the correct places, liaising with the director and resetting properties for each performance. The prompt supports the cast in rehearsals and each performance with the script. The set designer works with the director to create the set, while the set builders and set painters build, paint and decorate it. Our wardrobe team ensure each cast member has an appropriate costume from our extensive wardrobe. Upstairs is the sound and lighting room, where all lights and sound effects are controlled.

Front of house

Front of house, as you might expect, are members who work in the front part of the theatre when the audience arrives. The box office is where tickets are sold, and the house manager and assistant house manager greet customers, liaise with the stage manager and ensure the bar and foyer areas are clean and tidy. Bar/tea and coffee duty involves selling drinks and snacks, and ensuring there is enough stock.

General administration

Tasks include planning and organising the season’s shows and social events, theatre development, and publicity such as social media and the website.

No previous experience necessary and members can offer as much time as they are able. Not sure? Why not take provisional membership for two months and find out? (see below)

To book your guided tour (with a view to join) please email

Full Membership: £35

Juniors: £18 (12 and of school age)

Students: £25 (over school age and under 25)

Senior: £25

Partner: £65 (available to two people at the same address)

Family: £84 (includes all children of school age)

Country: £5 (for anyone living more than 25 miles from the theatre)

Provisional Membership: Free (2 months)

So, what have you got to lose? We would love to hear from you.


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