Janet’s friends at Chads were shocked and deeply saddened to hear of her passing in late December 2021.  Our thoughts are with Colin and family.  Here is a personal tribute from one of her close friends.


Janet was a close friend from our first meeting at Chads in the still swinging 70s to our last get together at the Garrick Celebration of Christmas in December, when we won the coveted gold medals in the festive quiz – over 40 years enjoying the company of a truly dynamic personality, a fine instinctive actress, a brilliant & creative director, & simply my mate.

We were founder members of “WICCA” (formed in October 1986 from the 9 “ladies” of Chads who attended my “cottage – warming” pre-nuptials & enjoyed it so much we met every month, discussing everything from the fall of the Berlin Wall to our favourite washing powder through sex, politics & religion, over copious amounts of wine).

We went on holiday together – notably Harlech & Dublin.

We attended LTG conferences together – notably Wrexham & Durham.

We shared a long abiding love of Leonard Cohen & Bruce Springsteen.


We stayed up all night on lots of occasions philosophising & putting the world to rights over a bottle or two of port.

In terms of personal Chads memories of Janet, then three in particular spring to mind:


Getting into trouble for using real custard pies (well, crazy foam ones) in the fight scene in “The Wind in the Willows”, as punk ferret & cuddly white bunny respectively, & leading the children in the cast astray. We’d never known Mu Bedford, our director, to lose her temper before or since.


The frenetic, beautifully choreographed, dance we did together as Mari & Sadie to “I Want You Back” by the Jackson 5 in “Little Voice”.


And appearing in “Calendar Girls”, Janet’s last production at Chads, with Bruce, & being persuaded by her to strip off for publicity shots & a calendar, even though Marie, my character in the play never did.


My last memory of Janet was at the Garrick Christmas “do” when she was on top form, talking to everyone she knew, & those she didn’t, as ever reluctant to leave a party where she was having such a good time.



She made me laugh heartily; she made me think deeply; she made me a better person for knowing her.

Much loved & missed






Photographs © P Neild

  © Chads Theatre