Centenary Project

The redevelopment of Chads theatre is a never ending project but we have in the last season reached a significant milestone.  The old corrugated roof and metal framework above the auditorium was in sore need of replacement.  This, you will appreciate, was a very big and expensive job costing over £300,000. 


Many members, too numerous to mention by name led by Project Manager, William Nolan, successfully completed the project. A tremendous amount of blood, sweat and tears was needed to open the auditorium in time for the first show, Ghosts in September 2018.

In addition to the new roof structure the work included building a new control box for the sound and lighting, a new lighting rig and sound equipment and installation of air-conditioning in both the main auditorium and the Studio Theatre.  Much of the internal work was done by members in their “spare” time and I thank  and congratulate them for their dedication and talent off-stage.  

We are now looking at the next stages of redevelopment and all donations are still most welcome but more of that later. Today we celebrate what we have achieved thus far.   We trust the new facilities will make your visits to Chads even more comfortable and enjoyable in the future and hope to welcome you again at next season’s shows.   

Thank You for your support. 
Steve Pratt

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