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Bedroom Farce

by Alan Ayckbourn

Performed 8–15 September 2012

Bedroom Farce is a comedy that contains a melee of events involving certain philandering characters, all occurring within similar moments of one another. Alan Ayckbourn’s clever uses of time and space makes this a very intricate and sophisticated comedy while also portraying the deteriorating and rebuilding of relationships among young couples. This play explores the differences in relationships between the younger and older generations while capitalizing on certain unlikely issues that may strain the relationships even further. Although Ayckbourn uses hints of homosexuality in this play, this doesn’t seem to have a huge part in his play as a whole, but can be interpreted to have a stronger deeper meaning within the play. As the title implies, the play is an absurd and confusing farce, comparing and contrasting the differences between couples young and old, and the different troubles they encounter. This play had certain sadistic aspects involving cheating, and lying, which evolves into forgiveness and devotion. Although the play may seem to lead into a corner of despair and heartbreak, it substitutes the hard truths of certain relationships into relationships that may have a chance at survival.

Synopsis taken from Wikipedia.

The Careful Glover

by Jim Baines

Performed 20–27 October 2012

The Secret Garden

by Frances Hodgson Burnett adapted by Neil Duffield

Performed 8–15 December 2012

Blood Brothers

by Willy Russell

Performed 2–9 February 2013

Taking Sides

by Ronald Harwood

Performed 16–23 March 2013

Taking Sides is a 1995 play by British playwright Ronald Harwood, about the post-war United States denazification investigation of the German conductor and composer Wilhelm Furtwängler on charges of having served the Nazi regime.

Synopsis taken from Wikipedia.

Calendar Girls

by Jim Cartwright

Performed 23rd May–1 June 2013

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