1965–1966 Season

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Man with a Load of Mischief

by Ashley Dukes

Performed 1965

Breaking Point

by William Fairchild

Performed 1965

Portrait of Murder

by Robert Bloomfield

Performed 1966

Mary Mary

by Jean Kerr

Performed 1966

The plot focuses on wisecracking cynic Mary and infuriatingly sensible Bob, only recently divorced and who have not seen each other in nine months, who meet at his apartment in the hope they can avert an audit by the Internal Revenue Service. A snowstorm forces Mary to spend the night, and the following morning, mutual friend and lawyer Oscar, Hollywood heartthrob and neighbor Dirk Winston, and Bob’s considerably younger fiancée Tiffany arrive on the scene. The comedy’s humor is derived from discussions about income taxes, marriage, alimony, divorce, remarriage, extramarital affairs, weight-loss programs, exercise, and sex.

Synopsis taken from Wikipedia.

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