1959–1960 Season

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Dinner with the Family

by Jean Anouilh

Performed 20–24 October 1959

“Dinner with the Family” although an early play by Jean Anouilh, is, nevertheless, a typical example of the excellent work of this competent French playwright. This play, like many of Anouilh’s dramatic works, might be said to be ageless – almost timeless. The characters, while definitely larger than life, are still quite credible and move to and fro in an atmosphere of semi-makebelieve. A play or a charade? We leave you the audience to make your own decision, and hope that one and all will find something to their liking in this enigmatical work.

This was the first play performed in the present-day auditorium. Click here to view the original programme.

Dial M for Murder

by Frederick Knott

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